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_NAME:                      UNKOWN

_GENDER:                 MALE

_AGE:                          EST. 24+

_CODENAME:          GOKU



After the horrific fire that burned down HuaGuo Orphanage, [GOKU] was fueled by anger and grief as he was forced to live on the streets since his teenage years. Without any family and all alone in a world where one needed to do what ever it took to survive. [GOKU] sworn to be the best fighter and seek vengeance for his family at the orphanage. Eventually, he became infamous on the streets and earned the respects of his fellows followers, which also formed his own gang.

Dwelling in the slums, [GOKU] witnessed many injustices that constantly reminded him of his own family's tragedy. Day after day, he roams the streets in hopes of tracking down any info regarding his family’s killer(s). [GOKU] continues to venture into deeper parts of the city where he encountered [SANZO], who recruited him to join NO MERCY GANG. In return, [SANZO] promised [GOKU] his aid on his journey for vengeance.

Being street smart, [GOKU] self-taught himself a lot of skill, making him the team's jack-of-all-trades. With his trusty weapon, J-Bat, [GOKU]’s fighting style is aggressive as well as brutal. His lightweight form and agility allow him to jump, scale and dash around during combat like a… monkey.



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